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2016-2017 Staff

Meghan Driskell


Hello! I'm a new reporter for the St. Edward Edge. I enjoy drawing, writing, playing video games, pop culture, and making people laugh with my pun-tastic humor! I hope you enjoy The Edge!

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Anna Skog


Part blonde, part cheesy romance movies, completely basic

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Madalynn Duffy


Reporter for St. Edward's Newspaper, "The Edge." Making my goals happen on and off the soccer field. Here to report the best news to the best readers.

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Joshua Yuen


Hello! I'm just another reporter, on The Edge, looking for his way in the news-making world Also, a magician astounding others with his whimsical, boyish, charm.

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Phil Welch


What's up people?! I'm a reporter for The Edge (the best blog/paper out there). Sports is my passion and I love to write about it.

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Charlie Canning


Charlie Canning is a first time reporter for the Edge. He enjoys jamming on his guitar and eating pineapple pizza.

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Haley Biggins


Reporter for the St. Edward Edge. Acing my articles like I ace my volleyball serves. I hope you dig our newspaper!

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Isabel Belcher


Recently recruited reporter for the Edge newspaper. I love traveling, exciting adventures, and bringing you the most exciting stories on and off school grounds.

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Yssa Sto. Domingo


Hey there! (; Yssa here, and I'm your newest reporter on the St. Edward Edge. I love playing basketball, soccer, pickle ball, and soda pong. I enjoy eating pizza and making you smile. Enjoy!

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Kyle Brown


Kyle Brown is a writer for The Edge. In his spare time he binges out on Netflix and enjoys destroying his foes on the tennis court.

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Cecilia Kochanek


Editor-in-Chief kicking it on and off the soccer field.  An aspiring sports journalist looking to make her mark on the world; has a hopeful and positive outlook on life and lives in the moment.

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