You’re a good show, Charlie Brown!


Lily Burger

The whole cast opens the show with the song, “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”

Lily Burger, Photo Editor; Copy Editor

The Spring Musical is back and better than ever! With three shows that were performed over April 29 to May 1, the show follows Charlie Brown and the gang in different adventures from Lucy trying to impress Schroeder to the whole gang trying to make the word count on a homework assignment. These slice-of-life sketch moments held the spirit of the original comic strips by Schultz in an endearing way. The set design was impressive and matched the brightly colored and overall cheery vibe of the comics perfectly. The songs were very catchy, and I have had the “Happiness” song stuck in my head since I saw the show. 

My favorite moments from the show include Snoopy tap dancing (shoutout to Lenore McBean doing syncopated pullbacks and toe-ups) and the dramatics of Snoopy’s “Suppertime”. Another standout moment for me was Lucy singing to Schroeder in a futile attempt to get him to pay attention to her. It was probably the part that made me laugh the most, so great job to Izzy Kirkwood and Joseph Johnson for the awesome over-the-top acting. Similarly, Charlie Brown acting his way out of a paper bag was not something I expected to see but I enjoyed it. I had no idea that Mr. Darger could play the violin, but he did a great job in the orchestra along with the rest of the band! 

I’ll be honest, I had no idea there was a Charlie Brown musical, so I didn’t know what to expect going into the show. The show isn’t normally something I would be interested in either, but I ended up charmed by the sweetness of the show. The cast did a great job embodying the character; it was very reminiscent of the movies and really added a nostalgia factor for me. I asked students what they thought about the show and senior Kailey Treiber said, “I thought it was great! You could definitely tell everyone knew what they were doing and genuinely wanted to be there! It was a great time and worth the 2-year wait!” Junior Ivy Burnett had similar praises saying, “My favorite part of the play was when they all come out on the stage and either sing or dance. I also liked Snoopy’s parts a lot as well! But other than that, I thought the play was very worth watching!” Congratulations to the cast and Mrs. Warner and Lilly West for putting on a great show!