Top 10 Halloween costumes of 2021

Maddie Pogorzelski, Staff Reporter

With Halloween right around the corner, here are my top picks for what I think the most popular costumes will be this year!

#1 Squid Game characters 

Squid Game is one of the most popular new shows released that people love. The costume could be fun for a big group and easy to put together.  

Squid Game guard uniform: How to make the 'No. 1' Halloween costume of the year - CNET

#2 Harley Quinn

With the new Suicide Squad movie that has just been released, I am expecting there to be a lot of Harley Quinns of all ages. The character has been very popular over the years and I don’t expect the trend to die this year. 

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#3 Pitbull

Mr. Worldwide has been making a comeback recently, not with his music, but instead with his looks and his impeccable style. Starting on Tik Tok, people have dressed up as previous Pitbulls from his music videos and used bald caps to complete their looks. 

Rapper Pitbull named ambassador for Florida tourism

#4 Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff

Black Widow is such a powerful and empowering superhero to dress up as for all ages. With the new movie, there are so many different versions that can be portrayed that you are able to make the costume more unique. 

Black Widow - Movie Trailer & Release Date | Disney

#5 Fairy/ Butterfly

This is one of the easiest costumes to put together must be on the list of most popular costumes of 2021. The fairy butterfly costume only requires a pair of wings and possibly some glitter if you are feeling sparkly. 

Fluttery Butterfly Costume - Women's - Party On!






#6 Batman

Batman has always been a popular costume idea. Kids love to dress up as their hero and adults love to live as rich vigilantes for the night. 

Mens Justice League Grand Heritage Tactical Batman Costume - Mens Costumes for 2019 - Wholesale Halloween Costumes

#7 Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala

Kim Kardashian was the talk of the Met Gala with her interesting outfit. The public has been quick to make fun of and mimic her style. I’m guessing the excuse to dress up on Halloween is only going to encourage people more. 

LOOK: Faceless Kim Kardashian turns heads at 2021 Met Gala

#8 The Mandalorian/ Star Wars character

Star Wars characters have always been a popular Halloween costume and with the new seasons of the Mandalorian out, it gives fans even more ideas for costumes.

Metal Earth Star Wars The Mandalorian - Innovatoys

#9 WandaVision (Wanda and Vision)

WandaVision was the hit tv show on Disney Plus and was highly talked about in the Marvel fandom, and even in the general public.

WandaVision Halloween! Disney Unveils Adult Costumes For Scarlet Witch & Vision's MCU Designs

#10 Pirate

Just like the Fairy Butterfly, dressing up as a pirate can be just as easy but still super fun. The costume can be super intense and very dressed up, or it can be super simple with just a buttoned-up shirt, jeans, and an accent.

Pirate Costumes - Adults and Kids Halloween Costumes |