Saving your day with money-saving tips!

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Have you ever asked yourself, “Where did all my money go?” Honestly, I have asked myself that way too many times. Once we have money, we are tempted to just spend it. I’m here to teach you how to not waste your money with some money-saving tips!

One of my favorite tips for saving money is budgeting. Budgeting seems like a time consuming process but it is actually quite simple. Weekly budgeting is a lot easier than doing it monthly in my opinion. Give yourself a max amount of money that you want to spend that week and stick to it. Spend the majority of that money on necessities like gas, any toiletries, or payments that you pay each week. Allow yourself to only eat out 1-2 times a week because each meal adds up overtime. Once you paid for your necessities, use the rest of your money to treat yourself.

My next favorite tip involves a little bit of self analysis. Each time before you buy something ask yourself these questions:

Do I actually need this?
Will I use this in the future?
Will I regret this purchase?
Will this make a huge dent in my wallet?
Is it really worth it?

If you answer no to almost all of these questions, then you should probably hold off from making that purchase. This will help you become a smart spender each time you shop.

My last and most favorite tip is once you get paid or earn some money put it away if you still have enough money for your budget that week. Don’t put your newly earned money in the same account or same wallet where your current money is. This allows you to not spend your money right away. If you run out of money, take a little bit of your savings, enough for your budget, and repeat the process. By the end of the month you could have a good amount of money in your savings.

I hope these money saving tips help! Remember to spend smart and once you start these tips, make them habits!