Spanish Club’s First Meeting of 2018


Annalise Avila, Reporter

St. Edward’s Spanish Club had their first meeting of the year on Wednesday, September 12th and there are many fun and educational activities in store. In the past, the club has had fundraisers and parties. They have even gone to restaurants and movies.


This year, the club plans to do some of the activities we did last year including the Day of the Dead party and the Christmas party with the German and French clubs. They also hope to do some fundraising and go to some more restaurants such as Delicia Tropical and Los Cómales.


There are currently three executive members in Spanish Club and they are all seniors and juniors. The club is looking for more executive members and there are spots open for both upperclassmen and underclassmen. The spot openings are president (seniors only), two vice presidents (seniors or juniors only), secretary, treasurer, historian, and public relations officers. The club also wants active members who show up to every meeting and participate in activities.


Meetings are the first Wednesday of every month so if you missed the first one and you want to be an active member, make sure you come to the next one!