A look into St. Ed’s Ping Pong Club


Angi Cholewa

Members of the Ping Pong team before their match against Marian Central Catholic

Peter Cholewa, Reporter

Last winter the Ping Pong club defeated Marian Central Catholic in the school’s first annual Table Tennis Tournament. This year the club looks to continue its success after returning 7 out of 11 of its first year members. The offseason was also a success as the club recruited five new freshman prospects. Junior Captains, Peter Cholewa, Carson Scarnegie, and Danny Camarena look to carry the club to victory this season with matches against St. Charles East and Marian Central Catholic.

Junior Captain Carson Scarnegie expects by the end of the season that, “We will all have a better understanding of how the game works and I expect that we will all grow as players and have a lot of fun as the season progresses. The Junior standout says his favorite part of the club is, “Getting to play matches competitively while having fun with my friends.” When asked what he thought of the new recruits he replied, “I think that the freshman have some potential but the club would be nowhere without our captains and advisor Mr. Briski.”

To any Ping Pong prodigy reading this contact Peter Cholewa or Mr. Briski to talk about joining the club. As the season progresses Team Captain Danny Camarena, says, “The team is always looking to add new members, regardless of skill or level of experience.”